How to Use Social Media as a Contractor

How to Use Social Media as a Contractor

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So you have a Facebook page or Instagram account for your business, but you’re stumped on what to post on it. This is common amongst business owners who handle their own online marketing. However, the secret to doing well with social media is consistency – you need to pick a schedule and stick to it. This is so that whatever social media platform you choose shows your posts more often to more of your audience. If you post rarely, than you’re not likely to show up to your audience when you do decide to post.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Social Proof – customer testimonials/reviews with images of your work. Set up a process of collecting testimonials from all of your customers so it’s easy for you to publish them on your social media. Try to do this at least once a week.
  • Fun – share videos, memes and jokes that are viral, then add in your own caption that is relevant to your business. This is an effective way to increase engagement.
  • Resources – any relevant third party news, articles or blogs from the industry that you want to have an opinion on. This will help identify you as an expert in your industry.
  • “Behind the scenes” images or video on life as a contractor – this could include the “office” dog antics, visiting your local equipment store, driving across town. This type of content helps build a story and human element that people can relate to.


This is just a short list of ideas, however you can do whatever it easiest for you – whether that be a combination of the above or just 1 or 2 things. The key is to stick to consistent posting so that your audience will be able to see your posts on a regular basis and remember you next time they need to hire a contractor.