Top 5 Resources Every Lawn & Snow Contractor Should Bookmark

Top 5 Resources Every Lawn & Snow Contractor Should Bookmark

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With all the information and resources out there about landscaping, and lawn care, it can be overwhelming to find the right answers and also connect with like minded peers in your industry. We did the research for you and found 5 resources that you should bookmark in your browser for whenever you have a question, need a second opinion or just want to rant to fellow contractors.

  • – this is a lawn forum with topics that range from business, equipment, design, and even irrigation. You can start your own conversation or join an existing one.
  • FB Group: Lawn Mafia – this is similar to lawn site, but exists in a Facebook Group. Here you can meet lawn professionals from around the world and share ideas, insights, ask questions, give advice and make friends.
  • Turf Magazine – Turf keeps landscape and design/build professionals up-to-date on emerging trends, best practices, operational efficiencies, marketing/sales & human development. This is a great resource for keeping up to date with industry news.
  • Lawn and Landscape – this magazine is another great resource for the green industry that covers more business related news, case studies on people in the business and general business how-to.
  • Total Landscape Care – this is exactly what it sounds like, topics cover everything that a contractor professional would need to know from the best equipment to use, to example of landscaping designs.

Do you have other resources or websites that you refer to in your business? What are they?

Top 3 Smartphone Apps All Lawn & Snow Contractors Should Download

In today’s day in age, technology is an integral part of any business, especially one that is typically “on the road” like yours. You don’t have the luxury of being at an office desk or at your computer all day. Instead, you rely on your trusty smartphone to help you run your business. Here are three apps we recommend that’ll help you while you’re on the road.

1.  Waze – This is a free community based mapping, traffic and navigation app that helps you find the best route to your destination while taking into account traffic, accidents and other community driven information. This is especially helpful when planning out your jobs and estimating your time of arrival at each job. The best part of Waze is that the community is very active and so notifications are in real time and tend to be 95% correct.

2.The Weather Network – There are quite a few weather related apps, but we found that the Weather Network gives the most accurate predictions by the hour. Obviously weather plays the greatest role in whether or not you’re going to be cutting grass or plowing snow for that particular day so setting up weather alerts and having multiple ways to check the weather is a crucial part of planning your jobs and day. We recommend the following setup:      

  •     Extreme weather alerts delivered by email for your region.
  •     Use their native weather app and set it up for your region for easy viewing .
  •     Download “The Weather Network” app for additional details and notifications.

3.Eden for Contractors – As you know, consumers have quite a few options when it comes to buying services. Also, trends suggest that people are moving away from contracts and flat fees and more to an “on demand” set up they can book based on their schedule. This is why Eden is great for picking up jobs in your area as they are requested. You can still service your existing contracted clients but also be available to those consumers who book are looking for flexibility. Eden will take care of the admin side of things while you focus on what you’re good at.

Are there other apps that you use that help in your business?